SchemaZen Technologies


Training Services
(With Hands on Experience)

For Fresh B.E/M.Tech & Working Professionals:

 Schematic Design
 PCB Design
 Hardware Board Design
 Product End to End Designs
 High Speed Digital Designs
Customized Short Workshops for Working Professionals:
Power Supply Design
 High Speed Digital Design
 Hardware Design SI, Thermal

Training Services: Advantage To The Industry

 As per Our knowledge any B.E/ M.Tech Students with good learning environment will take about min. 12 TO 24 months to become a Average Hardware Board designer
 Hardware Board/ Product design Companies spending a lot of money .
to make a Fresh engineer from College to make him as a hardware Board design engineer. But still He / She will not know the entire “Hardware Design Life Cycle”, From concept to Mass production level.
 Our students are trained to become “Electronics Hardware Board/ Product Design Professionals Ultimately”, but this training as a byproduct creates a lot of knowledge and skill sets in the students, So they suite to choose a job carrier options as a schematic designer, PCB designer , Component procurement engineer, Testing & troubling engineers, Board bring-up engineer, Production engineer, Field application engineer & Technical Marketing Engineer.
 Our Students start working from the day one, This saves lot of Money, Time and Resources to the Industry. They will easily fit them selves in interaction with different teams. This increases the Productivity of the Team.
 For Campus selected Students before joining and learning later in industry, They can get trained based on the future projects for which they have been selected for. On Customized Concept Training is also provided from Our end.