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What Our Student Learn Hands On Exp.

 First understanding the Project requirement & Specification.
 Converting Specification to the Block Diagram.
 For every Block Selection of the ICs / Component by Datasheet Study.
 Component Procurement Based on MOQ and LT competitive pricing interaction.
 Schematic entry, Creation of Library, BOM & Net-list.
 PCB Layout and component placement.
 Finalizing on PCB Material, thickness, No. of layers & Copper thickness.
 Foot print creation for TH, SMDs and BGA (Fine Pitch).
 PCB routing for Differential & Single ended, Analog, Digital & Mixed Signals.
Length and impedance matching (Controlled impedance)
 Working knowledge with Hands on Experience on Minimum – ARM9, with DDR2,
I2C, SPI, CAN,UART, USB, SAM, BT, LED/ LCD, Ethernet , 6 layer Multilayer PCB.
 Garber Generation & interacting with the PCB Fabrication house.

Extra training for working professionals :

Getting the Bare PCB. Assembling the PCB with Components, Various stages of Board Bring-up. Using JTAG, Software Porting, SI, Thermal, EMI/EMC, Proto type Testing , Mechanical design.

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