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Development Board


GSM based& GPS module, Chip Antenna base board.
 RF compliance PCB With LAN Ckt.

Nxp /Arm Base Productes

 Atmel – ARM9 based, 400MHz 128KB (128K x 8) ROM 217-BGA.
 2Gb DDR2, 8 GB NAND flash, LCD & Keypad interface, With Ethernet Controller (Mac + Phy).
 4 Fine Pitch BGA, PCB is of 12 Layer Control Impedance Board.

DSP Base Development Board

 This Product is a Base board for SOM module (MODEM_BOARD).
 With Audio Jacks, 2 UART, MINI/ micro USB, JTAG.
 One BGA, 4 Layer Control Impedance Board.


 TI – DSP based 700Mhz The C6424 third-generation high-performance processor.

 1Gb DDR2, 8 GB NAND flash, audio interface with the codec for stereo output.
 4 Fine Pitch BGA, PCB is of 12 Layer Control Impedance Board.

Power Controller Board

ATMEL ARM Cortex M0 SAM D21G Microcontroller IC 32-Bit, 48MHz, 32KB (32K x 8) FLASH, 48-TQFP (7×7).
 The Aim of this product is to control 12 nos. of Fans and to detect the Failure Fans in GUI Mode.
 4-layer control impedance board with a press fit connector, 4 LED indication, 1 For Fan fail, 1 for power, 2 for GP LED.

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