SchemaZen Technologies

IOT services

SchemaZen is one of the most experienced & reliable IoT companies in Bangalore. We can be your reliable partners to design your next IoT product as we have the experience of designing hardware & products related to the Internet of Things for over a decade.

IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things  is a technology where electronic devices are connected in some way either to a smartphone/tablet or to the cloud/remote server. The device measures data through its sensors and sends it to a smartphone/tablet or cloud for further processing or control actions. The data sent can be then analyzed using intelligent algorithms for actionable insights.

We have ready or near-ready solutions based on technologies such as GSM/3G/4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet. We also work with partners who can provide the IoT cloud software & app platforms what can be customized to particular needs. Please get in touch with us to learn how we can collaborate together to bring the next successful product into the market.