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Services Offered

 Product Design Services

1 Telecommunication
2 Consumer Electronics
3 Home & Industrial Automation
4 Automotive
5 IOT (Internet Of Things)- M2M
6 Medical Electronics
7 Defense
8 Telemetric
9  Transportation
10  Retail Sectors


•CPU’s (uC, uP, FPGA):
•Atmel AVR, SBC(Single Board Computers) ARM SOM Modules with custom Carrier boards-ARMCortex-M4-A5,A8,A9,A15
•PCI, PCI-Express, I2C, SPI,RS232, USART,DDR2,3,4, Rapid IO, HT, USB3,OTG, HDMI, LVDS, SATA, Fast Eth, Gbit Eth, etc.
•Software’s :
•RTOS: TNkernel, MicroC/OS-II, AVRX USB, Blue tooth, RF networking, LINUX porting, LINUX Device Drivers.
•Wireless :
•WIFI 802.11XX, ZIGBEE, Wi-Max, BT, GPS, GPRS, 3G, 4G LTE,

Our story


SchemaZen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, is a Unique, premier  development Company & training, research dedicated for providing a world class competency skill-sets in the field of “Hardware Board Design & Product Design” covering the entire end to
end Electronic Product Design and Production Life Cycle. Bringing in more than a Decades High profile expertise from the Hardware Board Design, High Speed Board & Product Design to build industry standard ready professionals for the Hardware Design & Manufacturing domain.

We do Turnkey projects for the companies also provide services like Electronics product / Board Design Services, PCB design S/W & Mechanical support.